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Richard Décarie


Despite support from thousands of CPC party members, the unelected LEOC disallowed my candidacy and will not allow my supporters to cast their ballots for me.

I pointed out that True Blue Conservatives, including those with traditional values, are a major force within our Party, with or without my candidacy in this leadership contest.

I urged all my supporters to keep pressing on towards that goal of offering a clear choice and alternative to the Liberals. That is why I want to urge all True Blue Conservatives to support someone who will speak courageously, publicly and without apology in support of the culture of life from conception to natural or accidental death. I believe I have found such a candidate among those who have been approved to run for Leader of the Conservative Party of Canada (CPC).

Derek Sloan has demonstrated that he is unafraid to speak for the culture of life. That is why I ask my supporters to get behind Derek Sloan’s campaign to lead the CPC.

Derek Sloan was elected as a Member of Parliament for the federal riding of Hastings—Lennox and Addington in eastern Ontario in last October’s federal, General Election. He is a lawyer, trained at Queen’s University law school. Derek is a family man, married to Jennifer, and they are parents to two little girls and a boy. Although Derek does not speak French, he has begun working to become fluent.

You can sign up for Derek Sloan’s campaign:

CLICK HERE to sign up for DEREK SLOAN!

Invite your family and friends to support Derek, too.

I also ask you to consider that, although my team has been very careful about only incurring campaign expenses that were absolutely necessary, my campaign has incurred expenses, nonetheless. That is why I ask you to donate to my campaign as I wrap it up. The maximum amount that you can give is $1,625 and I ask you to give the maximum or as close to the maximum as you can.

Many of you sent directed contributions to my campaign made payable to the Conservative Fund of Canada. As I wrote you earlier, these donations have not been processed. Instead of delivering them to the Conservative Party, I have instructed my Financial Agent to return all cheques and credit card authorizations to donors, uncashed or uncharged. They will be returned to you by Canada Post, very soon.

I still need your help in order to ensure that all of our bills are fully paid. You can help by clicking on the button below and contributing online using your credit card.

Or, if you prefer, you can make your donation by cheque payable to:

“Joseph Ben-Ami, Financial Agent”

and mail to:

Joseph Ben-Ami, Financial Agent

Richard DECARIE Campaign

P.O. Box 11127, Station H

Nepean ON  K2H 7T8

Please keep in mind, however, that donations to a leadership campaign are still limited to a maximum $1625 per person, 14 years old or older, and can only be made by Canadian citizens or permanent residents. Also, please take note that due to the Party’s actions, donations to my campaign do not qualify for tax receipts.

Again, I recognize that this may affect what amount you are prepared to donate, but I ask that you make a donation to help me and my campaign team take care of any outstanding expenses, as quickly as possible. I do not take your support for granted. I deeply appreciate the expression of confidence your donation represents.

For a “True Blue” Conservative Leader,


 Richard DECARIE